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Working for a national title insurance office requires major amounts of coordination and communication.  Justin VanderVeen, Vice President, Title Manager of Fidelity National Title National Commercial Services relishes the challenge and knows how to overcome it. “Sitting at my desk,” he says, “I spend a lot of time educating people about the different state regulations.  For example, what’s customary to close in Nevada versus California?  It’s not always easy to communicate the differences.  Much of my job is getting the client accustomed to what’s usual in the jurisdiction we’re working in.”

Whether that client is a major lender, developer, or attorney, Justin sees his key role as facilitator in the title process.  He relies on his strengths as a communicator and problem-solver to coordinate with all Fidelity’s national offices to close transactions and simplify things for everyone involved.  Justin also credits the culture at Fidelity for his success. He describes the company as a place where “They give you a lot of responsibility.  You take on the job and it’s essentially yours from start to finish.  You don’t have to deal with a lot of management, but help is there when you need it.”  The empowering approach creates a work environment that encourages learning and trust, which benefits employees and clients alike. 

Justin obtained a degree from San Diego State University and has been working in the real estate industry since graduating.  He holds his real estate license and continues to take courses in real estate.  “I believe in continuing education,” he says, “and in the value it brings both personally and professionally.”  It’s a value that certainly aligns with all the coordinating, communicating, and “educating” he does across Fidelity’s many offices and clients. 

I’m a people person and, I like to think, an effective communicator who can deal with a trying situation and turn it into a positive one. That helps me gain the trust of clients and sales representatives we work with.It also helps me grow my knowledge and expertise, which I then carry on to my clients and assistants.